Shrinking? or Growing!?

“Very little is needed to make a happy life” -Marcus Aurelius

Yet, tell my children this and watch how quickly the revolt happens! This quote is my new mantra for my family. I am 27 years old, my husband is 34 we’ve been doing this family thing now for 11 years and our children range in age. Our oldest E is 12, our one and only daughter J is 9, her irish twin brother D is 8, and then we have the wee one, Hunny, who will be 3 next month. According to these monsters, the more the better-and their rooms give a visual aid to THEIR life mantra…. ugh. So anyways, you hopfully read my home page, and are aware that I am starting a new leg of my life.

I am a goal smasher. Once I get a dream in my head, it infects every tiny piece of my day to day life. I’ve done a lot of big things in the past year, but left a few “half-finished” we’ll call it, because “finishing” a goal in my book, never happens, you just keep progressing and setting new goals! So last year was a huge year for me, I was first introduced to a thing called Beachbody, a healthy living company that emphasized the importance of clean eating, whole foods, exercise, support, accountability, and my favorite: Personal Development. It was through my time spent as a Team Beachbody Coach that I learned a TON about myself. I learned that my passion is nature (as if I didn’t already know this, being a coach just helped pound the point in) living things that add to the value of my life. In all forms, food, plants and my favorite, animals! I also learned that my gift, my unique God given talent is to help people. That is what I do, it’s who I am, my heart is two sizes too big and I love to spread my knowledge, inspiration, and adventures with whoever will listen to them! It also taught me how to set goals and take radical action to make them happen. So that’s what I did. And through my year of goal crushing I lost 60 lbs of unhealthy living for years, I gained a self confidence and knowledge of how to control my life like never before, and I also gained a business. Not the coaching business, but it inspired me to help my husband build his dream of owning his own business so that we could spend more time together as a family. And that’s exactly what we did, started a business that is now THRIVING! And I couldn’t be more proud ❤

But then, I went stagnant. I stopped setting goals, I started focusing on nothing more than the normal 9-5 coming home and doing the same things day in and day out….homework with kids, dishes, dinner, showers, bed, crash on couch. Not a very “lively” life if you ask me. I decided it was time to keep dreaming, just because we achieved one dream doesn’t mean we should stop there, right? So I started soul searching. What do I want out of life? a huge bank account and 3 houses and 10 cars? Nah…I dream more of a big farm with 10 animals and 4 gardens =) How do I want to make money? Sitting behind a desk at a dusty tire shop, scrolling facebook and helping my husband bleed brakes? um no! Take me outside, let me lose on a farm, tending to animals, cleaning up, weeding the gardens, loving on animals, loving humans, teaching them how to FEEL good, showing them through example what is possible when you make up your mind your going to make a change. How do you want to share your gift? Busting ass to build other peoples dreams? no freaking way. This is my life, my journey, my adventures, I SHOULD be the one calling the shots on what I do every day! So that’s what it took for me to really dive in and decide what I was going to do for ME. And I found it.

I found a course of study that spoke straight to my soul, a school who’s views and mission and actions perfectly align with the version of my life I am trying to construct. I knew I was meant to be a student at the American College of Healthcare Sciences the minute I started looking at their courses. This is the place for me. The starting block to everything I’ve ever dreamed to be. The place that is going to help me become the “Credentialed Hippie” I want to be, and the education to be the backbone of my new career. I want to do SO MANY THINGS with this education and I can not wait to start sharing my experiences with you, but for now let me give you a little summary of what to expect, what I want out of life, and why I am making this blog.

Our little rural community is full of farmers. I want this education in holistic health to be the backbone of my next business adventures. I want to learn how to consult with our local farmers and give them advice on organic certification, sustainable growing methods, animal welfare and so on. I want to build on our consulting relationship by offering to showcase them and their products in the Farm To Fork Eatery I will be opening in our tiny community. I want to help give jobs to people who have a love for all things healthy and holistic, and I want to give a chance to these farmers, who work tirelessly to provide us with quality crops to nourish our bodies, to be noticed and appreciated for all their hard work. And last but not least I want to teach my community what eating healthy whole foods can do for a.) the individual and b.) the community as whole. There are SO MANY health benefits to switching to a clean diet and there are countless people who live in and just pass through that can benefit in the long run from having a local, AFFORDABLE place to stop in and eat or get in contact with our local farming community for all of their grocery needs. 

Along with all these exciting business goals and achievements in the spotlight in my life, I’m really working towards some huge personal goals too. Remember me saying I lost 60 lbs last year? Eh well, my lifestyle choices I boasted were so easy to adapt to last year, when I was a stay at home mama, didn’t quite stick once I started working at the business I created. Let’s just say I’ve gained a “good bit” back and returned to eating “processed food-like substances” instead of clean eats. So working tirelessly to get back into my healthy lifestyle PLUS SOME!  I’m also planning a move from our HUGE 2,546 sq ft 5 bed 2 bath 2 kitchen 2 laundry room + endless storage space maze of a house, back to our 6 acre property. We don’t have a house to move into yet but I’m leaving options WIDE open, even considering a camper or other “tiny home” in order to reduce our ecological footprint. And in the spring, wether we have a house or not, we’ll be starting our first ever LARGE scale garden, and raising our own protein sources. And fair warning, I have so far in my life proved to be terrible at growing plants, so I’ll need all the good vibes possible and I promise to share all the good laughs I’m sure will follow my attempts! 

If you’ve made it this far, thank you!!!! I hope you’ll stick around and follow my stories, hopefully I will be able to lend some knowledge, experiences, and laughter to your life! And maybe, if you join me, well  find out together just how “big” we can live, simply. ❤


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