Practicing Detachment

“Detachment is a state of calmness and non-involved with trivial matters, or emotionally exhausting situations” – The Meaning Of Emotional Detachment

Have you ever thought up a scenario in your head?  envisioned exactly how you’d like it to turn out? Who would say what, how you’d respond….and then, it never happens. 🤔

What about when you go to bed at night? I sit and think for hours about all the things I should have done, the bills that are due, if we’re going to have to business the next day, if my kids ate well at school? These thoughts will nag me for hours if I let them. But I’ve finally learned the art of Detachment…

It took me getting completely crushed by a family member I cared deeply for. I bent over backwards to help, teach, as grow this child, just to have them turn their back on me, like everyone else that tried to help her. The first few days I blamed myself, “I should have done this, said this, set this limit…” it goes on and on. But what were those thoughts doing? Helping me get over the hurt? Nope. Helping her move on in life, no way. They were mentally torturing me. Tearing away at my sanity piece by piece. Then I remembered a talk I had with my coaching team mates last year about the same child. It was time for me to detach, quit letting the trivial parts of HER life wreck mine. As much as I love her, and want her to do well, she is not my biological child, I have no say in how she lives, and maybe everything she is doing is what’s right for her! See, detached, I still love her, I still want her to do well but I can not let myself get so attached to the outcome of her life I wreck mine in the process. 

This practice can be implemented into all areas of EVERYONES life. 

Why don’t you give it a try, start with meditating. Sit still and quiet and set some intentions for your self and the day (example: Today I will have patience, be kind to everyone I see and share my gratitude) sit and focus on your intentions feeling how happy  and calm you’ll be all day. And when those other nagging thoughts try to creep in silence them. You have the control. Those thoughts don’t mean anything to you or your life, you have the control to silence them!!! Now try it in your day to day. Co worker on your nerves? Detach… kids not listening and you want to scream at them? If they aren’t destroying your house and belongings move them to an open play room and let them be, they’re kids! They won’t want to play and yell forever and soon you’ll miss the constant noise. Practice Detachment on the things that DONT matter and focus on the things that really do matter to you, and watch your quality of life steadily improve. 
Let me hear from you! Did yo try practicing Detachment? How’d it work for you?


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