This is a concept I have just recently heard about, and to be frank…..I THINK I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!

I have 4 young children, 12, 9, 8 and 3, to say that our life is a crazy fast paced whirl wind is an understatement. My main complaint in day to day life is the stress my children’s schooling causes for our entire family unit. I don’t mean that to sound harsh, but if you have multiple children in multiple grades, I assume you understand where I am coming from. Our morning are nothing but rushed yelling, begging, pleading and sometimes resorting to screaming for them to hurry up before we miss the bus. Worrying about who has clean clothes ready, who doesn’t. Who can’t find their shoe, and the other ones project is missing. It’s torturous to say the least. No one should have to start their day in such a rush with so much stress on their shoulders. The feelings of guilt I have all day long if I had to yell at one of them to hurry up haunts me. I hate knowing they started their day off negatively.

And the morning rush isn’t all either! Did I mention that my 6th grader brings home enough homework to make MY head spin? That he sits in his room for at LEAST 3 hours struggling to stay focused on “common core” horse poop math, or figure out how to write 4 paragraphs on how sedimentary rocks are formed.

Or did I mention the middle boy, who has a heart of gold but gets bullied at school and can’t seem to make any friends? Who struggles with reading and gets embarrassed of his inadequacies so he shuts down and refuses to participate?

School is the #1 most MAJOR cause of headaches in our family. But lately I’ve been looking into my options regarding their education and I have stumbled upon the brilliant philosophy of unschooling. Basically, student-led, interest based learning. For instance, instead of sitting and reading out of a History textbook for 2 hours I could take my kiddo’s to some historical landmarks near us and have the historian show and tell them about the amazing artifacts, thus making it super interesting for them! Or, say we are having some spelling issues, 2 hours playing scrabble with only certain letter blocks and viola mini spelling test! THIS is the kind of learning I believe my children will THRIVE off of! This also leaves our schedules WIDE OPEN, for learning at the business about how to do bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, to mechanics and engine work and social networking and marketing. The options for teaching opportunities with unschooling are endless.

Life can be our school, and the world can be our textbook. I of course want to make sure they are learning the states minimal curriculum, because frankly, when have you EVER used HALF the things you learned in public school? Me? Not too often. My children already have the basic fundamentals down, it’s time to explore what THEY want to learn!


I know it’s going to take a LOT of organization on my part! But I think it may be worth it next year!

Have you ever heard of unschooling? what are your thoughts?


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