Quick Breakfast Preps!

So my Sunday consisted of getting my house in order. More over, getting my laundry under control. Were getting closer to spring weather and the big move to the little house, so I finally got hubby dearest on board to downsize to 10 outfits a piece SCORE!!!!! So thiiiiis is what 8 hours of our Sunday looked like 👇👇

So it took us until eh, 5:30, to finish that mess!!! So when I started working on dinner I figured I’d get some preps done while making dinner! First we made some marinated pork shoulders for lunch at work!  So good! 

Then since breakfast is my main issue, I always seem to skip it, or wait and end up waiting till I’m starving and eating something terrible. So I made these quick yummy breakfast muffins! 

Egg and Greens Muffins

I used 8 large farm fresh brown eggs, a cup of organic mixed greens (spinach, chard, and kale), and a quarter cup of organic tomatoes, red onions, and cilantro and a pinch of feta cheese! 

Sprayed the muffin cups, mixed all the ingredients, and baked for 25 minutes and viola perfect egg cups for all week long!  

Meal prep doesn’t have to be a torture or take up your whole day!  And when you are prepared it is much easier to stick too your meal plans and crush your goals!  

I have a brand new bootcamp coming up to shred the spring fluff!  We start Monday and I have 3 special gifts (valued at over $130!!!!!) for the next three committed ladies tob join me in transforming your life and your fitness!  Leave your email in the comments and I’ll sendus the deets!!!
Happy Tuesday!


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