This is love 

This is love 💖 after 11 years of each other. 
My husband and I have not always been this close. 

We met when we were both young and still had a LOT of growing up to do. Our first couple years were full of babies,  fights,  break ups, infidelities, lies , faking and heart break. 

It took us a LONG time to learn to openly communicate.  In fact probably about 10 years together is about the mark of when we started talking openly. 👫

I had my fair share of issues after he decided to get his life together and put his family first and I nearly wrecked out marriage.  Once I started transforming my body through health and fitness I longed for the validation from the opposite sex. 

Side eyes and double takes fueled my fire to keep exercising, losing more and then showing more. I loved the attention but didn’t realize what it was doing to him. 😯 and eventually we both held in so much anger and dissatisfaction that we both kind of exploded 😠😡

Luckily for us, that explosion led to months of open communications anf getting REALLY REAL with what we wanted from each other and from life. Things have never been the same.  

We butt heads sometimes and we of course still argue and bicker over petty things,  but I’ve never felt more comfortable or in the right place as I am now I’m our relationship💞💕

And now that we are both walking in the same direction,  we’ve decided to take on some goals TOGETHER 🙌 💪

Monday starts out new program that we will be completing together and I want too have another workshop on building stronger relationships later this month for other women who may have found themselves in my situation.  

I want other couples to join us in starting our new MMA based program MONDAY, and I’m offering a FREE months supply of the world’s best all natural whole nutrition in a daily smoothie to the first couple who signs up to transform  their lives and relationships with us!!!!! 💕👫👫💪

So leave me a comment, let me know you want in and let’s talk goals! Bootcamp starts Monday and I want to help change some people’s lives!!!!!


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