Change can be scary!

ALWAYS like this when im waiting on a delivery!!!
Idk about y’all but I’m a lil weird when it comes to big changes. A lil nervous, A little excited, and sometimes I’ve let that turn into fear and procrastination.
But I had this amazing call with my team, and it lit me up as a coach to hear some of the most badass leaders we have tell us, that they were the same way. Scared to dream, scared to change, nervous to talk about all these changes, but they channeled that fear  into excitement   and passion and have helped other women, just like us, completely transform their lives!  Ya know women who want to design our lives instead of living on auto pilot!

This will be a big change for me. Hardcore workouts that will HAVE to be done in the evening. I have no other way around it, no where to fit in the schedule other than at night. But I KNOW I want the results I’ve seen. I know I can stick to this program if I turn the fear of a hard program into excitement for what I’m about to do to my body and think about how many others I could inspire to take those steps to improve their lives. This isn’t just about this specific weightloss program, this is the FIRST of A LOT of huge changes I’m about to undertake (school- oh yeah they called I’M ACCEPTED TO START MAY 15TH! moving to the property, getting the garden in and selling the huge house!) . And if I can do it, what the hell is stopping you.

The perfect time to get started working for what YOU want in life, was yesterday. The next best time for you to start, is RIGHT NOW.

What are you waiting for?!


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