Mainstream Living Is Ruining My Children.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Sometimes, when my life gets hard, I tend to shut down, hold it in, and just go silent. I’m learning this is ABSOLUTLEY no good for me.

So lately I’ve been kicking around the idea of homeschooling. I’ve done a TON of research, found some AWESOME support groups, and actually feel really confident in my abilities to give my children a better education then public school systems. But, hear me out when I say, this is NOT just about public schools, nor am I trying to bash anyone, I really do love the school my children attend now, their teachers are awesome and they really do try to do the best for the children. My issue is that now a days, the way these schools are structured the way they teach their faculty to teach, is leaving out the part that these are CHILDREN, these tiny humans have VERY different needs then adults. Let me elaborate.

I remember when I was young, from the age 4-12 my life was CARE FREE. I went to school, I played with my friends, we did FUN activities that taught us basic learning principals, if we struggled, our teacher sat with us until they found a way to explain it that we understood. When we went home, I personally, was a latch key kid. My parents were not home when I returned from school, my older brother let me in and we knew we had to do homework if we had any…(which wasn’t often at ALL unless it was a fun family project, until I got to middle school) and the chores that mom had left for us to do, and then we were free to play until dinner. P-L-A-Y. Do the kids of this generation even know what that is?!

Fast forward to now, my now 8 year old son has HATED school since kindergarten. He got stuck with a lousy teacher who treated him like a terrorist because he was born and raised country. He talks about guns and bows and arrows, target practice and hunting deer. This is when all the trouble started. From the second week of Kindergarten on all he was ever told was that there was something WRONG with him. That he should have no problems sitting perfectly still and quiet for a 2 hour stretch, when I know at home a 30 minute cartoon is sometimes too long to hold his attention. That he shouldn’t fidget, day dream, or tell wild stories out of his imagination. That the things he was interested in were not important and he should instead focus on word patterns, proper punctuation and timed math facts. And over and over and over when he dug his heels in trying to ENJOY his time in school he was met with detentions, suspensions, threats of expulsion, forcing counseling, and assessments on a child who is nothing more than that, A CHILD. A child who, at home with me, enjoys learning new things, is MORE than willing to help hands on, to read, to do spelling, and explore his interests. But in the eyes of the public school system, a bad child, with something wrong.

This is where I am losing my shit. All of my shits. My families #1 stress is school. From the moment we wake, scrambling to wake up 3 kids who just barely get 7/8hours of sleep because we have to wake them up so early because the move with the speed of 250 year old tortoise in the morning. Then don’t forget the yelling to find clothes, because no one can be bothered to set them out at night. Then more yelling over who gets in the bathroom, and finally a rushed dash to the bus stop to HOPFULLY make it there on time. Emails from teachers through out the day, oldest is failing every gen. ed. class, and I mean FAILING, because he’s too worried about being the class clown and mouthing off to authority. The middle refuses to even talk in school for fear of disappointing the faculty and being told there is something wrong with him. Thank GOD my daughter loves school, but I can see the effects on her personality as well.
My children do not act like a child is supposed to act.
They have no natural curiosity to learn things on their own. They are 80% of the time MISERABLE and in horrid moods, they go from laughing to pissed at the world in 2.5 seconds. They get overly emotional with the slightest scolding, and each and every single one of them thinks that if they do not get something done EXACTLY as they were told to do it, with none of their own creative input, that it is incorrect.
My Children are not living like children. They are living like robots, programmed to sit still, sit quiet and take test. And heaven forbid they do not score high enough. They have no self-pride, no want to to be creative, no innocent curiosities to explore their world, no feeling of responsibility to help out us, or each other, and honestly only a few of the 4 have close bonds with each other.

I think this is my breaking point. This is NOT how I wanted to raise my kids. I do NOT want my children to join their generation in the thinking that they are entitled, easily offended punks that deserve everything handed to them on a silver platter. I want nothing more than my children to get to be children, enjoy their young lives while they are still young, explore and adventure and decide they want to learn something new because they WANT TO. Not because a curriculum says they must be able to regurgitate _xxx_ facts back to a teacher programed and paid by their test scores. I want my children to be young, and free and full of life, not these unhappy stressed out tiny adults mainstream living has turned them into. It’s time to take my kids back.

This summer is going to be a learning journey for us ALL. But I can’t wait to give my children back the life they deserve.

our childrens memory



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