Thanks for popping in! My name is Chelsea Musulin, I’m 27 years young, have 4 beautiful children, and the most amazing husband Dana. I am an entrepreneur at heart, a dreamer, goal smasher, crazy dog lady with a huuuuuge heart. My life’s mission thus far has been to make people happy, helping someone smile, learning how to make sense of this crazy thing called life and showing others what I’ve found is one of the best things I’ve ever done! I’m an aspiring Holistic Health Practioner/ Wellness coach/ sustainability and organic consultant! Yes I want to do all of the things. I am hoping to be starting an education with The American College of Healthcare Sciences this summer studying Holistic Health Practice with a focus on herbal medicine.

I want to start this blog to give you a peak into my growth as I go from what my life has been for the past 27 years to what I’ve always dreamed it COULD be for the past 27 years 😉 And I want you to take from it some inspiration, that YOU, at any moment are able to take compete and total control of your life and mold it into what you’ve always dreamed it could be. For me its going from my ho-hum dull life of having a TOO LARGE house I can’t take care of, running 1 business, and taking care of my family and pooches to moving back to our 6+ acre property to start a small hobby farm to start us on our road to sustainability, simple and green living, and having everything we’ve ever dreamed of! (love+family+room to GROW!)

I hope you find my journey interesting, and I hope it inspires you to give yours a little a start 😉  Stay tuned for lots of exciting stories of parenting 4 children, living with wolfdogs, learning how to grow and maintain a garden, hobby farm and sustainable homestead, and moving from 2,500 sq ft to a little under 1200, and don’t forget the research papers you’ll be getting from my new education! This is going to be fun!